True peace of mind.

The reality is retirement plans face strict regulations and they do get audited. The Internal Revenue Service and Department of Labor aren’t shy about imposing harsh penalties for non-compliance. Our Plan Governance Services confirms every detail of your plan complies with the IRS and DOL’s ever-changing rules. We’re not just saying that: you’re protected by our no-charge Legal Guarantee* if your plan gets audited.

Plan Governance Services

  • Dramatically reduces audit risk

  • Ensures legal and administrative elements are in excellent shape

  • Provides No-charge Legal Defense in the event of audit

Relax, knowing our experts have your back.

We start at the beginning, by confirming every critical Plan Document is in place – including often-overlooked items like the Investment Policy Statement and Education Policy Statement. Our Governance team creates and maintains your library of quarterly Investment Committee Minutes. Every quarter your Plan’s investment performance is benchmarked against the market averages.

3(16) Administrator Services

  • Monitor Plan Documents and amendments

  • Eligibility determination assistance

  • Lead 401(k) review with Plan Sponsor

  • Determine and notify employer of eligibility dates

  • Ensure timeliness of all Plan contributions

Plan Governance Services are provided exclusively to clients of The Fiduciary Studio’s 3(16) Administrator service. Contact us today to discuss how we can help.

* Terms and conditions apply, of course. Our team will be glad to explain our No-charge Legal Guarantee.


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